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Wintrode Student Success Center Strategic Plan

The Wintrode Center’s strategic goals align with institutional goals and priorities identified in Imagine 2023.

Wintrode Student Success Center Strategic Goal 1:  Implement Proactive, Student-centered Strategies to Support Student Success

  • Strategy 1:  Enhance student learning and development
  • Strategy 2: Improve student access to Wintrode Center and TRIO programs and services
  • Strategy 3:  Implement strategies to improve success of students with historically lower retention and graduation rates
  • Strategy 4:  Strengthen faculty preparation to support student success

Wintrode Student Success Center Strategic Goal 2: Achieve and Recognize Excellence in Student Success Practices

  • Strategy 1:  Achieve certifications relevant to the profession
  • Strategy 2:  Establish rewards and recognitions
  • Strategy 3:  Apply scholarly work to practice

Wintrode Student Success Center Strategic Goal 3: Develop a High Performing Success Center Team

  • Strategy 1:  Strengthen new staff training, internally and externally
  • Strategy 2: Develop a structured professional development plan for success center staff
  • Strategy 3: Provide leadership development opportunities for success center staff and SDSU students

Wintrode Student Success Center Strategic Goal 4: Cultivate a Culture of Assessment within the Success Center

  • Strategy 1:Utilize data to inform decision-making and promote continuous improvement
  • Strategy 2: Assess Wintrode courses to ensure alignment with student success research-based practices
  • Strategy 3:Communicate Center outcomes