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Frequently Asked Questions about Jump into State: Summer Bridge

Why Should I Attend Jump into State: Summer Bridge?

The Jump Into State Summer Bridge Program will impact your future success as a college student. The program will give you a head start in making social and academic transitions to college. You will enhance your study skills and learn to set priorities to balance school, work and the many social aspects of the SDSU campus.

What are the dates of Summer Bridge?
  • June: Attend registered NSO session and let your advisor know that you want to register for Summer Bridge classes and they will help you work through the process.
  • Move-in Day: Sunday, July 25, 2021
  • Orientation Day: Monday, July 26, 2021
  • First Day of Classes: Tuesday, July 27, 2021
  • Last Day of Classes: Thursday, August 19, 2021
What courses will be offered during Summer Bridge?

ACS 143, S01 - Mastering Lifetime Learning Skills, 2 credits, CRN: 53888

Instruction to enhance learning in a college environment and throughout life. Topics include organizational and time management skills, strategies to improve learning, a recognition of learning styles and creating positive learning environments.

9-10:50 a.m., Wagner Hall, Room 453, Instructor: Teri Johnson

CA 110, S01 - Individual Financial Literacy, 1 credit, CRN: 53891

Introduction to personal financial management. Topics covered include banking; budgeting; and financial statements.

11-11:50 a.m., Wagner Hall, Room 453, Instructor: TBA

READ 041, S01 - Reading for College Success, 3 credits, CRN: 53889

This course provides students with reading strategies necessary for making the transition to collegiate level reading. The course will present students with multiple strategies to promote comprehension skills, develop vocabulary and enhance metacognition to become strategic readers. Appropriate placement through standardized testing.

1-3:50 p.m., Wagner Hall, Room 114, Instructor: Amy Holm

SOC 100, S01 - Introduction to Sociology, 3 credits, CRN: 53890

Comprehensive study of society, with analysis of group life, and other forces shaping human behavior.

1-3:50 p.m., The Barn, Room 123, Instructor: Sana Illahe

What is the cost of Summer Bridge?

The estimated cost of Jump into State is roughly between $2,500 and $3,000 depending on residency and number of credits taken. The SD Board of Regents will meet in May 2021 to review tuition and fees assessments for the upcoming fiscal year which begins July 1, 2021. So, please check back for updated information spring 2021.

We know when making the decision if you will Jump into State, cost is an important part of that decision. To help guide you in your decision based on your residency and which courses you are interested in taking, please go to this cost estimate website.

Please email with any questions you may have regarding costs or other Summer Bridge questions.

Am I eligible for financial aid to cover the cost of the Jump into State?

Financial Aid and Pell Grants may be available to students who qualify.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information or with specific questions.

Do Jump Into State: Summer Bridge students need to attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, students still need to attend New Student Orientation in May and June in order to register for classes for the fall 2021 semester.

Will Jump into State be on-campus or virtual in Summer 2021?

After careful consideration and with the goal of returning back to a sense of normal, the Summer Bridge Committee is currently working through the process to offer classes face to face. We will continue to monitor trends and the national and local responses to the pandemic. Ultimately, the safety of our students will be at the forefront of any decision.

Please email with any questions you may have regarding course offerings or other Summer Bridge questions.

Can I attend Summer Bridge at SDSU if I plan to attend another university in the fall?

No. Summer Bridge is designed for students who will enroll at SDSU for the fall semester.