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Safe Ride Home

Safe Ride Home Logo South Dakota State University

Free for SDSU students and visitors!

Safe Ride Route
(1.12 MB)

The mission of Safe Ride is to save lives, prevent injuries, protect neighborhoods from late night vandalism, and keep impaired drivers off the road by offering SDSU students, Brookings community members, and visitors a safe transportation alternative.

Safe Ride operates for approximately 31 weeks during the academic year (September-May). The program currently operates two routes (blue route and yellow route) on Friday and Saturday evening from 9 PM until 2:30 AM and each route are completed approximately every 25 minutes. Routes focus on the more densely populated residential areas, the SDSU campus community, and downtown areas.

Safe Ride Home Goals:

  • To provide a Safe Ride Home to potentially impaired drivers.

  • To keep the streets of Brookings safe.

  • To reduce the number of DWI convictions in Brookings.

  • To decrease the number of underage and high-risk alcohol drinking convictions.

Safe Ride Rules:

  • No smoking
  • No food or drink (opened or unopened beverages)
  • Safe Ride reserves the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting unacceptable behavior

Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Wooden Legs Brewing Co.
  • The Wild Hare
  • 9 Bar & Night Club
  • Brookings Property Management
  • George's Pizza
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Students' Association
  • Ray's Corner
  • Cubby's Sports Bar & Grill
  • Southland Court Apartments
  • Innovation Village
  • Mills Property Management
  • State Farm Kevin Witte