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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Counseling & Wellness Coaching

Registered dietian

Proper nutrition is essential to achieving optimal health. The SDSU Wellness Center offers nutrition counseling & wellness coaching conducted by a registered dietitian nutritionist. The dietitian is licensed to conduct medical nutrition therapy for lifelong wellness and behavior change.

Personal Nutrition Counseling

Individual appointments for consultations include nutritional assessment, counseling, and education to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Students: Initial appointment: $25 and $10 per follow-up.
  • Members: 1 session for $75 + tax or 3 sessions for $125 + tax (Includes initial assessment and two follow-up visits)
  • Non-Members: 1 session for $100 + tax or 3 sessions for $150 + tax (Includes initial assessment and two follow-up visits)

Counseling services provided (but not limited to):

  • Intuitive Eating Counseling
  • Healthy Campus Dining Education
  • Disease Specific Nutrition Plans
  • Disordered Eating Management
  • Sport/Fitness Nutrition Counseling
  • Food Allergy Counseling
  • Digestive Disorder Management
  • Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling

Presentation services provided (but not limited to):

  • Sport/Fitness Presentations - Proper nutrition is crucial when it comes to fueling fitness, sport, and athletic performance. The Wellness Center dietitian will come to your organization, club or team function to present a nutrition class tailored to sports nutrition and performance.
  • Res Hall/Club Presentations - The Wellness Center dietitian will come to your SDSU residence hall or campus club and present a nutrition class tailored to your desired nutrition topic. 
  • Lunch N' Learns - The Wellness Center dietitian will come to your place of business and present a class to your employees on the desired nutrition topic. Call for pricing information.

Wellness Coaching

The SDSU Wellness Center offers wellness coaching. Wellness coaching is a confidential partnership between an individual and a Certified Wellness Coach with the objective of assisting the individual to achieve their personal wellness goals. Wellness coaching utilizes effective behavioral psychology principles to assist clients in developing the mindset necessary to make lifestyle changes. Coaching sessions consist of completing a well-being assessment, creating a vision for future wellness, designing weekly and monthly wellness and behavioral goals, reflecting on goal experiences, and exploring support, structure, and environments needed to ensure success and handle changes. All sessions are personalized to meet the wellness needs of the individual.

Cost for Wellness Coaching:

  • Students: $75 + tax (includes 4 sessions)
  • Community Members: $125 + tax (includes 4 sessions)

Please contact Mariah Weber to schedule an appointment or to inquire more about wellness coaching (including packages and pricing)


Missed or late appointment fees for health and counseling:  The Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services has a service charge of $10 for missed or late appointments. If the student/patient needs to cancel an appointment, it must be done at least 2 hours in advance or by 8:15 am, or this charge will be applied to the student/patient's account. This includes being over 10 minutes late which may forfeit the appointment and will need to be rescheduled for a future time. 

Access fees: There is $50 access fee for SHCCS during any term/semester in which the student is not enrolled in General Activity Fee-bearing classes and therefore, not paying the General Activity Fee.