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Membership Services

Membership Types

A Wellness Center membership gives you more ways to stay healthy and keep your motivation strong.  We provide you with top-rated equipment, facilities, and exciting new programs and classes to keep you on track to attaining your health goals. Our memberships are flexible and designed to help you be as comfortable as possible, each and every time you visit. 

Memberships may be purchased in room 100 of the Wellness Center.                

Membership Structure: 

Primary Membership ( previously single) is the base membership, includes a single person 

Secondary Members (Couple & Family Memberships) 

Additional members added to the Primary Membership will be charged $10.00/person per month 

All members added to the membership must be living in the same household as the primary and will be required to show proof of the same residence. 

All dependent children (ages 5-25) added to the primary membership must show verification of dependent status (ie: birth certificate or most recent tax statement). 

Membership Rates

Primary Membership (Tax not included)MonthlyAnnual
Community Member$50.00$500.00
SDSU Benefited Employee, SDSU Retiree or Student Spouse (of a student paying GAF)$30.00$300.00
SDSU Non-Benefited Employee, Aramark Employee, SDSU Foundation Employee$35.00$350.00
Senior (62+), Military (active or retired), Middle School/High School Student or Non-SDSU College Student$35.00$350.00
SDSU Student (not paying GAF) $25.00$250.00
SDSU Student (paying GAIncluded in TuitionIncluded in Tuition
Corporate Agreements (cardiac rehab and various insurance plans)Inquire for Rates

Inquire for Rates

Employment will be verified through company HR or payroll. 

Military and student eligibility will be verified by showing military or student ID. 

Membership paid in full requires a minimum of 3-months. 

Monthly options include EFT and Payroll and require a minimum of 6-months. This will occur late August and be completed by late September 

Membership Timeline: 

New membership rates and structure will go into effect September 1 

Memberships can only be renewed within 30 days of expiration 

Annual memberships will continue until expired, then once renewed, the new rate will be applied 

Monthly Payroll & EFT deduction rates will change for the September deduction. 

Payroll changes will occur August 30, 2019, for September 

EFT changes will occur September 5, 2019, for September 

We require a 30-day notice for all membership changes or EFT and Payroll cancellations 

Payment Options

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Your membership dues will be taken directly out of your checking account each month. 

Payroll Deduction: Your membership dues will be taken directly out of your payroll each month. (Must be 12 month benefited SDSU employee)

Annual: Pre-Pay for 10 months in full and get 2 months free.

Insurance Reimbursements: For more information on insurance reimbursements and requirements please see the Administration Office in Room 100. 

Day Passes & Punch Cards Available 

Day Pass               $8+tax (includes all amenities)

10 Punch Pass      $50+tax (includes all amenities)

20 Punch Pass      $80+tax (includes all amenities)