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Swimming and Aquatics


The Wellness Center offers open swimming, aquatic programs, and lessons at various times throughout the year. Patrons are welcome for open swimming and lap swimming each day. Specialized activities are also offered through specialized programs, youth  programs, group fitness, and intramural sports.


Swim & Stay Fit

Ongoing incentive swim program. Students and members sign up to participate in the program in the pool area. Swimmers log laps each time they swim. Every time a participant reaches an incentive level, a prize is awarded. Participants can chose from a variety of prices.

Water Aerobics

A cardiovascular workout with the added bonus of moving in water. A great calorie burning workout without high impact on joints. See the Group Fitness Schedule for class times.


Swim Lessons

The South Dakota State University Wellness Center offers swim lessons for individuals of all ages and swimming abilities. Private swim lessons are designed specifically for the participant to achieve his or her swimming goals. Whether you're just getting familiar with the water or looking to improve you stroke, our instructors will create a fun and comfortable environment for you. All swimming lessons are 45 minute sessions with an experienced swim instructor either working in an individual or group setting.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are 1-on-1 swim instruction with developed plans to meet the participant's swim goals. Participants will gain confidence in the water, improve their skills, and enhance their techniques. Our instructors are experienced in working with individuals of all ages and a variety of experience levels.

Number of Sessions            Cost for Students/Members              Cost for Non-Members

3 Sessions                                              $60                                                  $90

6 Sessions                                              $120                                                $180

9 Sessions                                              $180                                                $270

12 Sessions                                            $240                                                $360


Group Lessons

Group swimming lessons are split up by in-water skills to ensure all participants feel comfortable in the level they are placed in. Each class can have up to 6 participants. All ages are welcome. Our instructors will ensure each participant learns and develops strokes and skills while in-water. Our instructors are experienced in working with groups of all ages and a variety of experience levels. All sessions are 8 lessons hosted 2 times per week.

Number of Sessions            Cost for Students/Members              Cost for Non-Members

8 Sessions                                              $60                                                  $75



To register for private swim or group swim lessons, click the corresponding image below.

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Group Swim Lessons

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Private Swim Lessons