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Video Series

We use video on social media to reflect the various aspects of student life and engagement. Our current campaigns include: Trivia Tuesday, Residence Hall Gourmet, Inside the Department and Meet Our Jacks. They are short, bite-sized videos to keep up with the influx of video content on social media.

Videos are published on the SDSU content hub Rabbit Food, and distributed through our university social platforms.

Trivia Tuesday

Our social media team walks around the University Student Union in search of unknowing student contestants. Students are pulled off to the side, man-on-the-street style and asked a trivia question about SDSU, South Dakota or general knowledge. If answered correctly, they win a prize.

Inside the Department

Each video highlights a faculty member. They discuss everything from teaching methods to personal interests and hobbies. This allows for students to gain a familiarity with professors they're most likely to come in contact with during their first or second year.

Residence Hall Gourmet

This series includes cooking tutorials of food that can be quickly and easily made in residence halls.

Meet Our Jacks

This campaign incorporates content spanning across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. A student, alumni, faculty or staff member discusses their university experience, accomplishments and goals. Our team writes a feature article that is promoted across university social channels. This extends to Snapchat with out student takeovers. Visit Snapchat Campaigns for a description of how SDSTATE takeovers are executed.