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Veterinary Extension

For Veterinarians:

Making Sure Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Testing Answers the Right Questions for You and your Clients

Case Reports of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Death Losses in Beef Cattle - Fall, 2019



Newborn Calf and Mother

Using Weather Forecasts for Newborn Calf Health

Barn with Heifers

How Frequently Should You Check Cows During Calving Season?

Cows by Stream

Neospora Positive Status: Impact on Cows and their Calves

Cows with Ear Tags

Is Brucellosis Vaccination Still a Good Idea?

Cow with Tongue Out

Tuberculosis in Cattle: What you Need to Know

Snowy Day

Caring for Animals when the Power Goes Out

Dairy Calves

Frostbite in Newborn Calves

People discussing the rules

Hammering Out the Details as the VFD Rule Approaches

Dairy Calves with Blankets

Dairy Calf Respiratory Disease: Treatment in the Aftermath of the Cold Weather

Lab employee testing

Producers, Veterinarians, and Health Officials Becoming more Aware of Dairy Calf Salmonellosis


Wildfire Aftermath: Beef Cattle Health Considerations

Beef Cow

Understanding the Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship

Dog on Hike

Signs that Your Pet is Getting Too Hot

Cows in pasture

Anaplasmosis: Is it a Problem in the Northern Plains?

Beef Cattle

Johne's Disease: Managing Exposure to Manure

Cows in Pasture

Trichomoniasis: A Resurgent Threat to Beef Breeding Herds

Man with Dogs in Blizzard

October Storm Impacts On Public Health

Goat eating grass

Small Ruminant Abortions: Cleanup and Facility Considerations

Additional Information and Resources


Tularemia Animals in South Dakota

Informational sheet explaining the disease in

wild and domestic animals.