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For Our Parents

On behalf of the faculty and staff of SDSU, thank you for entrusting your student with us for the next several years. This is a time of mixed emotions for families: the excitement of watching your college-aged student beginning an independent life; the emotions of saying good-bye and missing their daily presence in your lives; the anticipation and uncertainty of the student relative to finding their place in the working world. 

I believe the University is the best place for young adults to discover themselves and their careers. They will be exposed to a broad variety of viewpoints and their knowledge, skills and abilities will be expanded in the years ahead. It takes about 8 years to become a veterinarian, a lengthy commitment. However, I advise students that if they succeed in becoming a veterinarian, I am positive they will discover someplace in veterinary medicine that will fulfill them. 

Veterinary Medicine is a noble profession. It is very fulfilling and veterinarians have so many practice and professional options available to them. Everyone is familiar with the hometown veterinarian and what they do at the community level. However, veterinarians are also significantly involved with research and development of both human and animal health products, education, and public service. 

To learn more, go to home page of the American Veterinary Medical Association and look for “Careers” under the public section. If your student has joined us as a graduate student, they are fortunate. They will be working with national and international leaders from our faculty in these research areas: infectious disease, food animal disease, diagnostic veterinary medicine, diagnostic assay development, vaccinology, molecular biology, and the pathogenesis of disease.