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Life Science Seminar Series

Life Science Seminar Schedule for Fall 2016




Topic or title


September  2

Mohamed Seleem

Purdue University

Teaching an Old Drug a New Trick (Antimicrobials Drug Discovery)

Joy Scaria

September 9

Ming-Fong Lin

UNMC Omaha

Translational Research in Human Prostate Cancer

Xiuqing Wang

September 16

Jianping Yu


Ethylene-forming enzyme and bioethylene production

Ruanbao Zhou

September 23

Gregory Pazour

University of Massachusetts Medical Center

New Roles for an Ancient Organelle: Ciliary Defects Cause Cystic Kidney Disease and Structural Birth Defects

Natalie Thiex

September 30

Dr, Ramin Yadegari

University of Arizona

Gene regulatory networks in early endosperm development in maize

Xing you Gu

October 7

Laura White

SDSU PhD candidate

Soybean Rhizosphere Bacterial Community Structure as Influenced by Root Isoflavonoids

Senthil Subramanian

October 14

Hyeun Joong Yoon

SDSU, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Innovations in Fighting Cancer: Integrated Micro/Nanotechnology to Investigate Circulating Tumor Cells

Shinyi Marzano

October 21

Zizhang Sheng

Columbia University at New York City

Antibody affinity maturation: rate, mutational space, and mechanisms of modulation

Feng Li

October 28

Kathryn R. Fixen

University of Washington

Shining light on how a photosynthetic bacterium works

Volker Brozel

November 4

Steven Gill

University of Rochester Medical Center


Joy Scaria/Eric Nelson

    November 11

      Daniel Schactman


Who’s there and why?  Changes in the root microbiome due to abiotic stress

       Yajun Wu

   November 18

       Volker Gerdts

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization – International Vaccine Centre

Development of a novel vaccine for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) in pigs

  Radhey Kushik

   December 2

       Cheryl Kerfeld

Michigan State University; Lawence Berkeley National Lab

Structure, Function, Assembly and Engineering of the Carboxysome and Other Bacterial Microcompartments


  Ruanbao Zhou

For More Information, Please Contact: 

Dr. Shin-Yi Marzano
Assisstant Professor
Departments of Biology and Microbiology
South Dakota State University