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Premise ID Barcode Labels

Premise ID Barcode Labels on ADRDL Submissions

Working together to enhance preparedness and capabilities

Premises ID Basics

What is it? A national seven-digit alphanumeric identifier for each farm site

Why is it important? This number does not change even if a site name or ownership changes In the event of a foreign animal or reportable disease outbreak or for use in producer-driven herd health management initiatives, the Premise ID would allow data to be linked within and between laboratories, databases, and area regional disease management tools. Premise ID is the foundation of area region disease control, FAD preparedness, and for producer participation in the continuity of business programs (Secure Pork) being developed for the US Pork Industry.

Why barcode labels? Reduce error and increase efficiency at both the submitter and lab entry levels

How to Order

  • Enter address in specified field where labels can be mailed
  • “Owner” is strictly for the veterinary clinic or production system ordering the labels purposes.
  • Email spreadsheet to Jon Greseth with “Premises ID Barcode Labels” in the subject line

How to Use

  • One sheet of Premise ID barcode labels per site will be designed, printed, & mailed to the address indicated on the spreadsheet
  • Place Premise ID barcode label on the back of any ADRDL submission form

Confidentiality & Biosecurity

  • All labels will be printed, handled, and mailed from remote location to guarantee strict biosecurity
  • Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times
  • Participation does NOT include, infer, or give permission for data sharing by any party.
  • Use of “Affiliate Codes” on VDL submission forms are required to allow the VDL’s to share data of non-reportable diseases with permissioned parties other than Submitter, Clinic, and Bill-Party.


For questions regarding premise IDs, please Jon Greseth 605-688-5171.