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Graduate Student doing Research

The Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences has an extensive research program focused on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and prevention of infectious diseases of domestic animals and humans. Currently, our research program encompasses approximately 12 faculty and adjunct faculty, and 20–30 graduate students. Within the program, our research groups largely focus on basic questions of immunology, molecular vaccines, viral and bacterial pathogenesis. Our researchers collaborate regionally, nationally and internationally with both academic and industry-based researchers to isolate mechanisms of pathogenesis, develop novel vaccine strategies against infectious agents of animals and humans, and develop new diagnostics for emerging diseases.

Research Faculty Focus

Chase, ChristopherProfessorImmunology, Virology
Christopher-Hennings, JaneProfessor, Head and DirectorPRRSV Pathogenesis, Molecular Diagnostics, Virology
Kaushik, RadheyProfessorInnate Immunity, Mucosal Immunity
Knudsen, DavidProfessorVeterinary Pathology, Lab Animal Medicine
Nelson, EricProfessorPRRSV Pathogenesis, Serological Diagnosis, Virology
Pillatzki, AngelaAssistant ProfessorDiagnostics, Infectious Diseases
Scaria, JoyAssistant ProfessorBioinformatics, Role of Microbiome in Enteric Diseases
Young, AlanProfessorRuminant Immunology, Prion Pathogenesis
Hildreth, MichaelProfessor/CoordinatorParasitology
Chun-Ming LinAssistant Professorswine pathology and immunology
Hause, BenjaminAssistant ProfessorVirology
Larson, ChristinaAssistant ProfessorAnimal Well Being
Sharafeldin, TamerAssistant ProfessorAvian pathology, Immunology, and Vaccine Research