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Department's History

The department was originally called the Veterinary Science Department. In 2011, the department changed its name to the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department. The new name better reflects the activities of our department, especially relative to our research work with zoonotic pathogens and the training of our students under the One Health concept. The department has always had a strong mission related to preparing undergraduate students for entry into veterinary colleges within the region, training graduate students for careers related to veterinary or human infectious disease research or careers in diagnostic medicine and providing public service through South Dakota’s only animal health diagnostic laboratory, the South Dakota Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL).

In Since 1887, the ADRDL has maintained a proud tradition of providing quality veterinary diagnostic services to the state and region. As one of only 42 North American laboratories that are fully accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, the ADRDL serves animal owners by acting as a reference laboratory for animal health professionals and state/federal regulatory officials. This rigorous accreditation standard is compliant with international expectations as laid out by the OIE, thus ensuring trade markets are available to our clients. As a reference laboratory, we provide the precise detailed animal disease information that is needed for those in charge of managing, treating and preventing diseases of animals. Many of the diseases we deal with are also potential human diseases, and thus the lab also plays a significant service role for public health surveillance. The laboratory serves all companion and food animal owners by working with their local veterinarian. We are proud to be an integral part of an agricultural infrastructure that works to feed the state, region, nation and world. The laboratory continues as a member of the USDA National Animal Health Network (NAHLN), a member of the USDA/FDA Food Emergency Response Network (FERN), and a member of the DHHS/FDA Veterinary Laboratory Reference Network (Vet-LRN).