Chapter 30 Benefits

Montgomery GI Bill®

Chapter 30 provides education benefits to Veterans and Service Members who have at least two years of active duty. 

Montgomery GI Bill Pay Rates

  • You will receive a monthly living stipend which can be used at your own discretion for a full 30 days of school. The pay rates are listed on the table below.
  • This amount will change and be pro-rated depending upon school holidays i.e. Spring break, Christmas break etc. The VA only pays for days that SDSU is in session.
  • This money is paid out after the last day of the month and after you have done your monthly verification.
  • The payment is direct deposited into the account that was established on your application.
  • Any eligible kicker contracts will be in addition to this rate.
  • You will not receive your payment if you do not do your monthly verification!
Training TimeMonthly Rate
Full time$1,928.00
3/4 time$1,446.00
1/2 time$964.00
less than 1/2 time more than 1/4 time$964.00**
1/4 time or less$482.00**

**The stipend increases every October 1.

Non-Resident Veterans

Non-Resident Veterans can fill out a residency application online. This will allow for Non-Resident Veterans to get the in-state tuition rate. Below is the step-by-step instructional on how to apply for residency.

  1. Go to the Financial Aid website.
  2. Click on “Residency Requirements".
  3. Click on “Residency Application” found in the text on right.
  4. Fill out all Sections listed.
  5. Section “C” is the area where it tells you what documents you need with this application to submit it.
  6. Submission information is at the very bottom of application