Chapter 1606 Benefits

Montgomery GI Bill® Selective Reserve (MGIB-SR)

Chapter 1606 provides education and training benefits to eligible members of the Selected Reserve.

Montgomery GI Bill® Selective Reserve Benefit Pay Rates

  • You will receive a monthly living stipend which can be used at your own discretion for a full 30 days of school. The pay rates are listed on the table below.
  • This amount will change and be pro-rated depending upon school holidays i.e. Spring break, Christmas break etc. The VA only pays for days that SDSU is in session.
  • This money is paid out after the last day of the month and after you have done your monthly verification.
  • The payment is direct deposited into the account that was established on your application.
  • Any eligible kicker contracts will be in addition to this these rates.
  • You will not receive your payment if you do not do your monthly verification!

**The stipend increases every October 1.

Training TimeMonthly Rate
Full time$375.00
3/4 time$281.00
1/2 time$187.00
Less than 1/2 time$93.75

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