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Academic Success

You're never alone at SDSU

Our goal in University College is to help you transition to academic life at SDSU. With several services—such as the Wintrode Tutoring and Academic Success programs—support is available to every student. So, whether you simply need academic assistance in a class or to work on raising your GPA, we have a program that is right for you.  

Commit yourself to success

We understand that sometimes changes in life can affect your academics. That’s why we developed the Academic Success Program for Readmitted Students. It’s designed to help identify strategies (such as more effective study practices and/or coping skills) to apply to your individual academic situation.

With the program, you must attend regular advising sessions. There, you can analyze study habits, review academic progress reports, discuss frustrations, and celebrate successes. Advisors are also available for one-on-one career guidance and to provide further information on university resources (such as tutoring, skill development workshops, and self-assessments). By utilizing these services, we can help you learn the skills needed to return to good academic standing and to maintain that status throughout your time at SDSU.