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BluePrint Policies

Advertising within the University Student Union

  • 9 interior banner locations within the Market dining and University Student Union Mainstreet area.
  • 2 exterior banner locations, located at the East and West entrances of the University Student Union.
  • 2 exterior t-stand locations (4 sides total), located at the East and West entrances of the University Student Union for  use for “day of” advertisement of events happening in the University Student Union and across campus.
  • 8 t-stand locations (16 sides total) on the University Student Union Main Street.
  • Digital ad space on digital boards within the University Student Union.

All reserved advertising locations must be designed by BluePrint staff and are only hung/removed by BluePrint staff.

Printing services

Large format orders that only need to be printed, must be given to the BluePrint staff 2 days in advance to allow for completion of printing. 

Small format orders can be brought in at any time to print. However, large orders should deliver the files at least 2 days in advance to allow for completion of printing.

If the file(s) require more than 15 minutes of editing, an editing fee may be applied.

Who may advertise?

Only SDSU recognized student organizations and SDSU departments or committees are allowed to reserve advertisement space. 

Non-affiliated customers using the University Student Union facilities for their event are able to use advertising space to specifically advertise for their event. Advertising for products or services will not be allowed.

Advertising Content

Advertising content is limited to SDSU events, which are open to the campus community and opportunities for students on campus. Advertisements must include the group or organization sponsoring the event. 

Advertisements cannot be used for the endorsement of political candidates or views, parties, and/or sponsors. 
Student Association Elections are exempt. 

Advertisements cannot contain the following:

  • Promotion of alcohol or other drugs, explicit sexual material,
  • Profanity or discriminatory language towards an individual’s race, nationality, sexual orientation or gender
  • Ads that compete with Dining Services or Jackrabbit Central.

BluePrint has the right to refuse any project that infringes on a copyrighted image from SDSU or the larger media market. Official documentation must be provided to BluePrint in order to use copyrighted images.

Please note: BluePrint is not liable for copyrighting. If the client brings in a design to be printed; it is the client’s responsibility to show if the design can be reprinted legally.

An emailed proof of approval of services ordered must be obtained before content can be uploaded to begin rotation. Failure to approve before the set hang-up/upload date will result in a shorter display time.

Advertising Limits and Timeframes

If a customer would like to advertise for the same event for multiple weeks, please speak with the BluePrint staff about the available options. A charge will be assessed for any advertisement that is to be hung multiple times.

Interior and Exterior Banners

Only 1 interior and/or 1 exterior banner may be scheduled per event per group. Banners may be displayed for no longer than 7 consecutive days within a 4-week period of time without prior approval from BluePrint management. 

Reservations for banner locations can be made up to 1 year in advance; however, the banner space is not reserved until an order has been completed.

All necessary information for designs must be given at least 7 business days in advance of hang/pickup date in order to avoid rush-processing fees. Rush processing fees are added to the order cost as follows: 14% per day less than 7 business days. 


A maximum of 2 t-stand locations may be scheduled, per event per group. T-stands may be reserved for no longer than 7 consecutive days within a 4-week period of time without prior approval from BluePrint management. 

Digital Ads

An organization can secure an unlimited amount of advertisements per week. 

An advertisement space cannot have more than 40% of the background red in color, as red is reserved for emergency communication only.

If a client cancels their advertisement space within 7 business days of the display date, he or she will be charged a $15.00 cancellation fee. If design work and/or printing has been completed, the client will be still be charged for it in addition to the cancellation fee.

Thank you for choosing Blueprint for your SDSU campus design, print and advertising needs.