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Web Content Goals

State made the decision to migrate public website content to Drupal following five guiding principles. Through our public website, UMC strives to:

  • Reshape the public website image
    • We want users and web editors to view and use the public website as a communication tool, rather than an information technology solution;
  • Provide greater digital flexibility with a cloud-based Drupal CMS
    • Using a cloud-based CMS allows for a streamlined, energy efficient system;
  • Empower campus web editors to take ownership of their digital presence and provide them with the necessary tools;
    • With the decentralized university model, we empower web editors from various departments and colleges to manage their content appropriately in all traditional and digital forms;
  • Support the university’s Imagine 2023 Strategic Plan through digital content initiatives
    • Adapting content and messaging for digital through a simple editing CMS;
  • Attract and retain students with an accessible, user-based Drupal CMS
    • Contribute to the university’s mission by providing organic, search-optimized content.