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Content Types

A landing page serves as the main structure of the content hierarchy. Include contact information and a featured banner image.

Connect pages to a landing page for easier accessibility. Pages are linked to their landing page via a yellow hyperlinked flag. Include secondary navigation menu links for simple navigation.

An event describes something that is happening and has defined start and end times. Contact information, descriptive text and images may also be used to communicate information about the event. 

News items can be attached with an associated landing page, and may be promoted to the university news center by University Marketing & Communications.

Use this feature to direct users to take a specific action such as downloading an application, opening a PDF, etc.

Display department or organization activities. The feed must be from an official, university-approved Facebook account.

When selecting a featured image for your landing page, please consider using a high-resolution photo that illustrates an action taking place or a relatable image to the content that users will be ingesting on the page below.

Make sure to list a phone number and email. Consider including information regarding past education and work experience. If you're a faculty member, think of information your students may benefit from knowing before they meet you.