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Replacing and Updating Legacy Files

This should be the process moving forward for any files with a path like the old Commonspot structure, e.g. /sites/default/academics/filename.pdf as part of their path. The correct path will match: /sites/default/yyyy-mm/filename.pdf

The easiest way for a single file, replaced, or updated:

  1. Upload the updated file to a File Archive (be sure to save and publish the file archive, and/or add the new file to an existing file archive)
  2. Replace the link of the old file with the new link from that uploaded file
  3. Tell the old url path, and the new url for the newly tracked file
  4. will redirect that old file path to the new file
  5. will remove the old physical file from the server

This method allows the following:

  1. Website visitors who have the old link will get the updated file as soon as we put in the redirect
  2. The file will now be tracked by Drupal

It is a bit of a manual process, but once we have it tracked by Drupal, it should be replaceable by using the File Manager tool at ( moving forward, and future systems. Right now it requires this manual step. Please email us when 1 and 2 are completed, and we will get the redirect in place and the old file deleted.

Note: You may need to clear your browser cache to get the new version of an old file. Do so after we confirm the replacement is completed. We will test this as well on our end to ensure the up to date file is being served from the server.