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Getting Siteimprove to Quickly Check Your Updated Files

Getting a Fast Recrawl of Site Content 

  1. Upload your replacement files to a file archive (around 150 files can be uploaded to 1 file archive, treat them like folders for a page or site).
  2. Copy the url for the file (from the file archive page, not the url for the archive, but for the file).
  3. Make sure you are logged into Siteimprove
  4. Edit the content where the old url you want replaced is located.
  5. Replace the url in your content with the new file url. (do this for each instance of the url to entirely remove the old file from Siteimprove)
  6. Save the edited content. Siteimprove should recrawl the content, and the old file will no longer be linked. It may still show in Siteimprove if it is linked elsewhere.
  7. Your new file should show up as soon as the recrawl is completed, but the file itself may take longer to be crawled. Depending on size could be an hour or two.
  8. (optional) If it is vital to preserve the old file path, please email Websupport the old file url and the new file url. We will archive the old file from the server and redirect the old url to the new file.