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University Unit Logos

The SDSU identity system provides a method for creating a customized SD Signature by utilizing one or more of the SD Signatures with the addition of a specific name.

All university departments should follow one of the design options outlined in this manual. Request for exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Note: None of the options for academic units allows for the use of unit logos or wordmarks not included as a part of SDSU’s identity program.

Guidelines for SD Unit Logos

The ratio of type size to logo size should follow the examples shown. None of the options allow for the university name to be dropped from the signature. All of the usage, print guidelines and standard colors that apply to the basic SD Signatures also apply to Unit Logos. Incorrect uses apply to this signature.

All of the usage, print guidelines and standard colors that apply to the SD logo also apply to the SD Unit Logos.

For development of an SD Unit Logo, contact University Marketing and Communications.


The font for the SD Unit Logo is Caecilia and used in SDSU Navy (PMS 289). The art should be obtained as one file from University Marketing and Communications.


Caecilia text, alphabet in capital letters, alphabet in lowercase letters, numbers


SD Supplemental Signatures with SD logo and college spelled out