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Color Usage

The university’s official logos should always maintain maximum visibility over any background color or image. Where the color contrast is not high enough to distinguish the logo clearly, use the outline version of any logo.

Working with Color

  • Avoid the use of color combinations that are commonly identified with other colleges and universities such as black and yellow, blue and orange, etc. Red is to be used extremely sparingly.
  • Use the SDSU brand colors only according to the formulas provided in this manual.
  • For printed documents, never rely on the output produced by a desktop color printer or by the appearance of colors on a computer monitor for true color accuracy. Pantone matching system colors should be used whenever possible.
  • Lighting conditions in offices in addition to printer and monitor calibration typically do not match the Pantone matching system colors used by offset printers.
  • When printing projects in full color (i.e. four-color printing using CMYK process colors) it is strongly recommended to add a fifth color and use PMS 286 or 287 rather than build it through the CMYK process.
  • CMYK process blue should never be screened to a percentage less than 100 percent. if a screened background of the university blue is necessary, PMS 286 is the best option.