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The Institutional Signature (SD Signature) joins the SD Logo with the Institutional Wordmark. The Institutional Wordmark consists of the words “South Dakota State University” set in an official style and typeface. There are different signatures for use in a variety of situations; however, they all follow a similar pattern.

The use of this signature is restricted to SDState departments, colleges, athletics, affiliated organizations and administrative units. SDState student organizations may use the SD Signature only under special circumstances and must receive permission from University Marketing and Communications.

Guidelines for Reproducing

Each signature has a unique proportion or format and must not be altered in any way. When a signature is reduced or enlarged, it should always be treated as one unit. All elements should be sized proportionately.

All of the usage, print guidelines and standard colors that apply to the SD logo also apply to the SD Signature. Incorrect uses apply to this signature.


The font for the SD Signature is Caecilia and used in PMS 286. The art should be obtained as one file from University Marketing and Communications.


Caecilia font examples (uppercase and lowercase alphabet and numbers)


Minimum Size

The SD Signature may be enlarged to any size that is practical and necessary, but should not be reduced to a size that reduces the logo height to less than one inch.

A smaller size may be used only if the physical size of the publication necessitates, but authorization should first be requested through University Marketing and

South Dakota State University Signature
South Dakota State University Signature
Flush left
South Dakota State University Signature
Flush left, one line