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SDSU Trademarks Registered Verbiage & Logos

Federally Registered Verbiage

The following verbiage are federally registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and require a ®.

  • Be Great. Start Here.®
  • Beef Bowl®
  • Campanile Records®
  • Cereal Bowl®
  • Go Jacks®
  • Hobo Day®
  • Jacks®
  • Jackrabbit Guarantee®
  • Jackrabbits®
  • On Call®
  • Passionate. Relentless. Champions.®
  • Pride of the Dakotas®
  • The Campanile Line®
  • SDSU®
  • South Dakota State®
  • South Dakota State University®
  • Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks.®
  • SDState®
  • McCrory Gardens®
  • Barry Berry®

Federally Registered Logos

The following is a list of the logos and marks, as seen on previous pages, that are federally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Campanile with SDSU®
  • Charging Rabbit®
  • Charging Rabbit Head only®
  • Charging Rabbit above the word "Jackrabbits"®
  • Charging Rabbit Head above the word "Jackrabbits"®
  • (retired)Jacks with head® 
  • (retired)On Call®
  • Running Rabbit® 
  • (retired)Stretch SD®
  • Today's Ag®
  • University Seal®
  • Beef Bowl®
  • Weary Wil head®
  • Dirty Lil head ®
  • Yellow and Blue Make Green®

State Registered Logos

The following logos are protected by registration through the office of the South Dakota Secretary of State and require a "TM" symbol:

  • Dirty Lil™
  • Garden Line™
  • Hobotech™
  • Midwest Market Analysis™
  • Oak Lake Field Station™
  • Weary Wil™
  • McCrory Gardens™
  • SDSU™