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SDSU Foundation

The SDSU Foundation 

The South Dakota State University Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of South Dakota State University. The Foundation was created in 1946. It now has assets in excess of $160 million.

The mission of the SDSU Foundation is: "Uniting the dreams of our students, university and donors to build a better SDSU." The Foundation raises and administers scholarship funds that benefit more than 4,500 students, and spearheads private fundraising campaigns for multimillion-dollar capital projects. To connect back to the university, the SDSU Foundation uses the words South Dakota State University, a line, and the word Foundation directly underneath as its logo. All rules governing the Institutional Logo pertain to the SDSU Foundation's logo as well, including incorrect uses. 

Minimum Size

The SDSU Foundation Wordmark may be enlarged to any size that is practical and necessary, but should not be reduced to a size that reduces the height of the wordmark to less than 3/8 inch when the words are used alone or 1/2 inch when the logo mark is used within a box. 

Guidelines for Reproducing

When the wordmark is reduced or enlarged, it should always be treated as one unit. All elements should be sized proportionately. The SDSU Foundation Wordmark should not be built. The wordmark should be used as a graphic, not typed, and it is available from the SDSU Foundation. 

6 different variations of the South Dakota State University Foundation logo. (PMS 287, Black, PMS 287 Box, Black Box, White Box on PMS 237 Background, PMS 287 Box on PMS 287 Background)


The SDSU Foundation Tagline – Impact Greatness

The tagline can be used alone or with the SDSU Foundation logo and it is available from the SDSU Foundation.

5 different variations of the South Dakota State University Foundation Impact Greatness logo. (Impact Greatness Tagline, Optional Impact Greatness Tagline, Tagline with wordmark, PMS 287, PMS 287 and PMS 109))