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South Dakota State University

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Campanile Logo

In cases where it is appropriate to use a symbol to represent the university, the Traditional Institutional Logo may be used. An institutional logo (traditional or contemporary) should appear on all university publications and printed materials that represent the teaching, research or related public and outreach service functions of South Dakota State University.

Consistent application of this logo in communications both on and off campus, in print and electronic form, is essential to the success of the SDSU identity program. All materials, print or electronic, published by the university must correctly display an institutional logo. The use of the Traditional Institutional Logo is limited to business forms, training materials, internal academic materials (course syllabi), uniforms and vehicles.

The Traditional Institutional Logo is designed using the top portion of the university’s landmark—the Coughlin Campanile—combined with the lettering “SDSU” beneath the art. The Traditional Institutional Logo is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and requires that a ® symbol be visible at the lower right corner of the building when this logo appears in most applications.

The use of this logo is restricted to SDSU departments, colleges, affiliated organizations and administrative units.

Clear Space

To ensure visibility, provide adequate spacing between the logo and other design elements, a minimum required spacing of the height of the letter “S” in
SDSU is required.

Minimum Size

Do not print the logo smaller than one inch in height.

A smaller size may be used only if the physical size of the publication necessitates, but authorization should first be requested through University Marketing and Communications.

institutional logo
 Clear space boundary  1" minimum height