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R.N. to DNP

What is R.N. to M.S.N or R.N. to DNP?

RNs interested in graduate nursing preparation select RN-MSN or RN-DNP. This option allows RNs interested in graduate nursing preparation to continue advancing their nursing education by requesting RN-MSN or RN-DNP, master's degree and doctoral degree preparation for RNs.

Eligible RNs can request approval to substitute 2 required graduate level nursing courses as part of the baccalaureate nursing curriculum. Approval to substitute courses does not guarantee admission to the graduate school at SDSU, or the graduate nursing program. Formal application to the Graduate Program is made in the final spring semester of baccalaureate nursing. Please review the graduate nursing website to view complete curriculum for each of the 9 specialization areas at SDSU.

Who is eligible?

Registered nurses who meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • 3.0-3.3 cumulative GPA on 4.0 scale
  • Completion of approved statistics course within 5 years of application to graduate school       
  • All other baccalaureate admission requirements