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Accelerated Option BSN: Sioux Falls

What are the benefits of applying to SDSU's College of Nursing?

The College of Nursing provides a state-of-the-art nursing program that prepares graduates for the diversity necessary to practice anywhere in the United States. An emphasis in liberal studies and humanities, as well as in social and natural sciences, provides the foundation for a student's nursing education. The College of Nursing has more hours of clinical instruction than any other program in the state, according to the South Dakota Board of Nursing. Hands-on clinical internships are available at many of the hospitals in our state.

The baccalaureate, master's, DNP, and post-graduate APRN certificate programs at South Dakota State University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, 202-887-6791.

How long does it take to earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing?

The accelerated degree is designed to be completed in one year. Each of the five semesters is compressed into variable week terms. Students typically take 11-13 credits per term. Students complete the first two terms between August and late December, the second two terms between January and May, and the last term from June to August.

What pre-requisite courses and university core will I complete?

The courses are listed on the page 2 of the application checklist.

What are tuition costs for the accelerated program?

Tuition costs vary from year to year based upon Board of Regents tuition rates for the Nursing Program in Sioux Falls as well as book, uniform and supply costs.

What financial aid options do I have?

Discuss financial aid options with theFinancial Aid Office early in the application process by calling them at 605-688-4702. There are also multiple scholarship opportunities available to nursing students.

When do I apply to the nursing major?

The NursingCAS application is available approximately 12 weeks prior to the deadline. Applications are due January25 (or if this date falls on a weekend, the Friday prior) for the following August admission. Students are encouraged to complete application at least four weeks prior to the deadline to ensure timely verification of application materials.

Where can I start the application?

The application is available online through NursingCAS approximately twelve weeks prior to the January 25 application deadline, but you may set up an account through NursingCAS at any time prior to this.

What is the criteria for admission?

Students must have a minimum pre-nursing grade point average of 3.0 and cumulative GPA of 2.8 and no grade lower than a “C” in all pre-requisite and support courses in order to be considered qualified. The Eligibility Requirements also discuss repeated courses.

How many students are accepted?

Forty students will be admitted each year into the Accelerated Option in Sioux Falls, SD.

How are applications evaluated?

Evaluation is based on completed courses, cumulative grade point average, pre-nursing grade point average, two references, personal statement, and a personal interview with two faculty members in the College of Nursing.

How will I know if I’ve been chosen for an interview?

Approximately 4-5 weeks after the application deadline, applicants who have met all eligibility requirements and have complete NursingCAS applications will be notified by phone of their eligibility for a personal interview.

How will I be notified of acceptance?

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by email after completed all phases of the application process, including applicant interview. Acceptance is conditional on meeting all additional requirements including payment of a nonrefundable program deposit, completion of in progress coursework, maintaining GPA requirements, drug screening, background checks, evidence of health insurance, current immunization status, CPR certification, and purchase of program materials, including scrubs, community polos, and an approved laptop computer.

What happens if I am not admitted?

Admission into the nursing major is competitive, and the College of Nursing usually receives more applications than there are available spaces in the program. If a student is qualified but not admitted, he or she is placed on the waiting list. Students who are not admitted may choose to apply to the Sioux Falls Standard Option, which begins each January, apply to the Accelerated Option in Aberdeen, which begins in January OR reapply to the Accelerated Option in Sioux Falls the following year.

What is the laptop requirement for the nursing major?

Students entering the nursing major are required to have a laptop computer that meets the College of Nursing specifications. These laptop computers will be used throughout the course of the program during classes and for testing. Students are expected to maintain a warranty on their laptop computers so that the laptops stay in working order throughout the program.

Although the Support Desk is able to provide on-site trouble-shooting, warranty work must be done at the location specified in the terms of your warranty.

Students who are required to purchase a laptop computer for their major, may submit a current receipt or purchase agreement to the SDSU Financial Aid Office in order to receive a student aid budget adjustment for the current year. There is not guarantee of additional federal student financial aid from this submission. Only one computer purchase may be applied toward the student’s financial aid budget during the course of the entire academic program.


How do my credits from my prior degree transfer to SDSU?

Typically, many (but not all) of the pre-requisite courses students must take will transfer to SDSU from another institution. To ensure you will receive appropriate credit, check the transfer equivalency calculator to see if a course you are considering has previously been evaluated by the Registrar's Office or check with your advisor to make sure the course you wish to take will equate to the proper SDSU course. The best information regarding transfer credit comes from the Accelerated Option Nursing Advisor in Sioux Falls . You can attach unofficial copies of your transcript to an email and receive individual course evaluation. If the application has already opened for the year, your transcripts will be reviewed by an advisor after Nursing CAS has verified your transcripts.

What if I started a nursing program but didn’t finish?

If you have started a nursing program elsewhere but did not graduate for any reason, you should contact the Nursing Advisorto determine your eligibility to apply. Students who have been dismissed from a previous nursing program are not eligible for admission to the SDSU Accelerated BSN in Aberdeen. If you left the previous nursing program in good standing, additional steps are required for admission to the Accelerated BSN in Sioux Falls.