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Why are Upward Bound target schools limited to four? Our high school is not listed, may I still be considered?

The current contract with the United States Department of Education allows funding for the program to serve four high schools. The grant that was submitted for funding documented the high level of need for project services in those schools and communities.
The four target high schools are:

  • Flandreau High School, Flandreau, SD
  • Flandreau Indian School, Flandreau, SD
  • Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Washington High School, Sioux Falls, SD

Unfortunately, no other schools may be added, and students who do not attend those schools may not be considered.

Do students receive high school or college credit for participation?

All target high schools provide half of an elective credit to those students who successfully complete the summer experience with a “C” in each of their summer classes.

What activities are during the academic year?

  • After school tutoring at your high school
  • Twice-a-month Saturday programs that include: workshops on college planning, financial aid, college application process, study skills, test-taking strategies, and cultural awareness, as well as local college tours, and educational and cultural events
  • College application assistance

What does it cost to participate in Upward Bound?

There is no charge for students to participate in all activities throughout the academic year and summer program. Transportation is also provided for Saturday programs and activities throughout the summer academic program.

Will Upward Bound pay for the student's college education?

No, but Upward Bound staff will provide advice and guidance for the student – and the family – to apply for federal, state, and college aid. A financial aid advising program is scheduled each year, information about scholarship opportunities is provided regularly, and waivers are provided as appropriate for related fees. In addition, Upward Bound staff work closely with the students and families throughout the college application and decision-making process as a means of facilitating the process and responding to questions about aid. Plus, ACT test and college application fees are paid for.