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Violations and Fees

Parking Violations

Individuals may be penalized by ticket, and/or immobilization or tow at the owner’s expense for any violation. These violation fees have been recommended by the Parking and Traffic Committee and approved by SDSU Administration. To ensure parking citation payment records are as up to date as possible, all citations are to be paid to the Transportation Services Office within 10 days of issuance.

  • Parked in a non-designated parking area ( - $25

Parking in any other area than designated parking stalls, such as streets, service drives and access roads.

  • Parked in a no parking area or in a closed lot. ( - $25
  • Sidewalk obstruction: complete or partial. ( - $25
  • Parked within 15 feet of hydrant or in fire lane. ( - $75
  • Parked in a loading zone. ( - $25
  • Parked in front of or going around a moveable barricade. ( - $25
  • Double parked prohibiting a vehicle from exiting. ( - $25
  • Parallel or diagonally parked in the wrong direction. ( - $25
  • Backed into a street level parking stall. ( - $25
  • Parked over or outside of stall lines. ( - $25

Parking over stall lines because of another illegally parked vehicle is not considered a valid excuse and will be ticketed.

  • Parked where prohibited. ( - $25

Parked in any area other than sanctioned streets or parking lots.

  • Obstruction of traffic by impeding two-way traffic. ( - $25
  • Parked on/in any emergency snow route or lot. ( - $25
  • Parking without a valid parking permit. ( - $50
  • Improper parking permit for designated lot. (4.4.3) - $30 (First offense)  $50 (Subsequent offenses)
  • Failure to Correctly Report License Plate. ( - $0 (first offense)   $15 (Subsequent offenses)
  • Utilizing a fake, inactive, stolen or altered parking permit (4.4.5) - $200
  • Multi-Vehicle Violation (4.4.6) - $50  ($0 for first vehicle, $50 for subsequent vehicles).

Issued for parking more than one vehicle on campus at a time per one customer permit. This violation can include an individual with multiple vehicles on campus or several individuals sharing one permit.

  • Parked in a stall over the time allowed. (4.4.7) - $25
  • Parked in or obstructing posted handicap stall. ( - $200
  • Improper contractor parking. (4.4.9) - $30

Moving Violations

The South Dakota State University Police Department is charged with the enforcement of traffic regulations on University-owned or leased property. All moving violations, unless indicated, will be the same as the City of Brookings or State of South Dakota rate for the violation. Upon conflicts, it will be at the discretion of the officer. For further definitions of the following traffic violations, please contact the University Police Department 605.688.5117

Exhibition Driving (4.5.1) - $60

Any person who drives in a manner that creates unnecessary engine noise, tire squealing or skidding/sliding as a result of rapid acceleration, deceleration or turning.

Careless Driving (4.5.2) - $90

Any person who drives carelessly at a speed or in a manner that may endanger any pedestrians or property.

Reckless Driving (4.5.3) - $120

Any person who drives carelessly at a speed or in a manner to endanger any pedestrians or property.

Other Moving Violations (4.5.4) - $24

Any other violation in accordance with local or state laws may fall under this category. (i.e., driving through barricade, driving on grass or sidewalk)

Stop Sign Violation (4.5.5) - $50

Any vehicle that fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Other Fees

  • Failure to appeal/pay citation within 10 days - $10
  • Denied appeal fee - $10 for 1st level, additional $10 for 2nd level.
  • Insufficient funds check - $30
  • Failure to pay citation within 20 days and transfer to student account/collections - $10
  • Standard tow* - $60
  • Large Vehicle/Truck tow* - $75
    * In the event of a tow, tow fee must be paid in cash per Dakota Service policy