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Parking Committee

The Parking and Traffic Committee exists to review and recommend policy regarding campus parking and traffic regulations. The committee shall be composed of ten persons including three faculty members, two Professional Staff/NFE members nominated by the Professional Staff Advisory Council, two Career Service members nominated by the Career Service Advisory Council and three students nominated by the Students' Association. The Chief of the University Police or designee and the Transportation Services office representative will hold non-voting, ex officio memberships. Seven members shall constitute a quorum. All actions of the committee shall be presented to the Vice President of Finance and Business for approval.


  • To provide maximum parking area in the best interests of the university, consistent with the natural beauties of the campus.
  • To allocate equitable parking to those in need of convenient transportation among faculty, employees and students.
  • To maintain lawful traffic movement with a minimum amount of disturbance and proper protection for pedestrians.
  • To ensure access for emergency vehicles.


  • Designate parking areas and establish traffic rules, penalties and fees. 
  • The committee or subcommittee thereof shall review and rule on all 2nd level appeals and shall determine additional penalties to be imposed in cases of repeated or flagrant violations.
  • Recommended fees shall be as established and described herein.
  • Provide input on the Campus Master Parking Plan.