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Motorcycle/Moped Parking


A motorcycle is every motor vehicle with an engine size of 50 CCs or greater, having a seat or saddle for use of the rider, and is designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground.

Motorcycle owners may purchase either a Commuter (CC), Reserved (X), Resident (SE or NW), Economy (E), or a Motorcycle (MC) permit.


Mopeds and scooters require a moped/scooter permit to park on campus. These permits are $35 a year and available at the Transportation Services office.

Motorcycle/moped/scooter designated parking areas are only open between March 1st and November 15th each year.
There is NO motorcycle/moped/scooter parking allowed on campus between November 16 and February 29 each year. Motorcycles/mopeds/scooters found on campus during this time will be subject to impound and an impound fee.

Where to Park Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles utilizing a CC, X, SE, NW, or E permit are allowed to park in either designated motorcycle/moped parking areas or within a parking stall that correlates with the parking permit.

Motorcycles utilizing a MC permit may only park in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas on campus.

Motorcycle parking is not allowed in the gated Union Pay Lot.

Where to Park Your Moped/Scooter

  • All mopeds/scooters shall park only in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas. 
  • Moped/Scooter parking in designated parking areas is only allowed from March 1st to November 15th.
  • Mopeds/Scooter found in these areas after November 15th will be subject to impounding by the Transportation Services office without notice.
  • Do not park these vehicles in or near bicycle racks, chained to lamp posts, trees, etc.
  • If found chained or parked in the improper areas, the vehicle may be impounded by the Transportation Services office. Cost of the chain, lock, etc. shall not be reimbursed or replaced by the University.