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Motor Pool

Motor Pool Hours – The SDSU Motor Pool is now open from 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and employees needing a state vehicle can reserve one online. The online request form can be found on InsideState. The form will be sent to the appropriate Motor Pool personnel where it will be assigned a journey number, vehicle license number and type of vehicle. The information can continue to be viewed in the same location on InsideState.

Questions can be directed to Motor Pool Office at 688-4323 or by email.



Current Motor Pool Vehicle Rates


SD Fleet & Travel Rate per mile

SDSU Motor Pool surcharge = $0.04/mile

SDSU assigned vehicle surcharge = $0.02/mile













Small SUV




12 passenger van




½ Ton Truck




¾ Ton Truck




1 Ton Truck






Seasonal/Permanent Vehicles

Requests must be processed through SD Fleet & Travel. When requesting a permanent assigned vehicle, you will be asked to provide an account number and MSA number. The account number will be the fund that you want billed and the MSA number for SDSU is 1530. Any changes to funding accounts or driver’s assignments can also be made through the SD Fleet & Travel website.



What forms need to be completed before I can drive a state vehicle?

Don't know if you need a form or not? Check this flowchart.