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COVID-19 Updates: Stay Informed

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Transportation Services

Transportation Services Operation

Transportation Services is conducting only essential campus functions until normal campus activities resume, currently scheduled for June 1st. The affected services are included below.

  • Parking enforcement is not considered an essential campus function. If your job requires you to report to campus, you may park in in any regular stall near your building regardless of permit designation. Please do not park in signed spaces, drive lanes, on sidewalks, fire lanes, or in Accessibility designated spaces without a valid Accessibility placard. 
  • There will be no parking permit fees for the months of April and May. If you are on a payroll deduction plan for parking permit fees, there will be no deduction for April or May. If you paid-in-full for your FY20 permit, you will receive a credit for two months worth of parking fees that will be credited against the purchase of your FY21 permit. There is no need to cancel your permit.
  • Since the University mandated travel ban is still in effect, any requests for motor pool vehicles must be approved by your Department Head and College Dean or Associate Dean if so directed (the appropriate Vice-President will monitor approvals). No state vehicles can be utilized until proper authorization has been obtained. This applies to both motor pool vehicles and permanent/department assigned vehicles.

Transportation Services employees are working remotely and are not maintaining any on campus office hours. Parking or Motor Pool related questions can be directed to or 688-7275 (please leave a message). Phones and emails are being monitored on a daily basis.