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SDSU Trademarks

South Dakota State University owns and controls the use of its signature logos, insignias, seal, designs, symbols, wordmarks, depictions of campus buildings used commercially, and other marks, collectively called "trademarks," that are associated with the university

These trademarks include but are not limited to the words "South Dakota State University," "South Dakota State" (in reference to the university), "SDSU," "SDState," "Jacks," "Jackrabbits," "Go Jacks," "Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks." (or any other deviations thereof), as well as the signature logos of the University seal, the Coughlin Campanile, the Jackrabbit and Jacks Logos and the SD Logo. SDSU owns other trademarks that are specific to university programs including "Beef Bowl," "Cereal Bowl," "Jackrabbit Guarantee," "You can go any where from here" and "Campanile Records." This is not an exhaustive list and is expected to continue to expand.

Specialized logos such as "Weary Wil" and "Dirty Lil'" are protected through the South Dakota Secretary of State's office and are owned by the university.

Use of any SDSU trademarks without license or permission is prohibited. Authorization for use of university trademarks are granted for one-time use and should not be construed as future-use authorization. SDSU reserves the right to pursue any and all legal avenues and takes whatever measures necessary to protect its trademarks from infringement.

Guidelines have been developed to describe how SDSU trademarks are to be presented, displayed and reproduced. These guidelines may change from time to time. Current trademark guidelines are available from University Marketing and Communications.

University Marketing and Communications personnel who work with the SDSU trademarks will be the judges of acceptability and reserve the right to grant approvals that deviate from these guidelines. Questions on licensing and artwork should be directed to University Marketing and Communications 605-688-6161 or to become a licensee, contact the SDSU Business office, 605-688-6594.

All university entities, campus groups, registered student organizations, sports clubs or individuals must get prior approval from the licensing program for the use of the university's name or marks.

"A trademark is a distinctive mark placed on or attached to goods by a manufacturer or dealer to identify them as made or sold by that particular firm or person. The use of a trademark indicates that the maker or dealer believes that the quality of the goods will enhance his or her standing or goodwill, and a known trademark indicates to a buyer the reputation that is staked on the goods.

"Registration of a trademark is necessary in some countries to give exclusive right to it. In the United States, Canada and Great Britain the sufficient use of a trademark not previously used establishes exclusive right to it, but registration is provided as an aid in defending that right. In the United States trademarks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Internationally, trademark registration is facilitated by the World Intellectual Property Organization, under the Madrid Protocol. Imitations of a trademark wrong both the owner of the trademark and the buyer, who is misled as to the source of goods, and such infringements of a trademark are punishable by law." The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition(2001-05).

Trademarks may also be considered any design, symbol, art, seal, word or groups of words that have come to be associated with the university.

Campus groups, registered student organizations or sports clubs may make use of the university name in its title, publications or stationery (with prior approval) but may not use the name in a way that would convey an endorsement, approval or underwriting of the organization, product, activity, service or contract by South Dakota State University.

Use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substance graphics, or descriptions or unauthorized use of the trademark, is prohibited in conjunction with the university's name or trademarks.

The following verbiage are federally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and require a ®.

  • Be Great. Start Here.®
  • Beef Bowl®
  • Campanile Records®
  • Cereal Bowl®
  • Go Jacks®
  • Hobo Day®
  • Jacks®
  • Jackrabbit Guarantee®
  • Jackrabbits®
  • On Call®
  • Passionate. Relentless. Champions.®
  • Pride of the Dakotas®
  • The Campanile Line®
  • SDSU®
  • South Dakota State®
  • South Dakota State University®
  • Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks.®
  • SDState®
  • McCrory Gardens®
  • Barry Berry®

The following is a list of the logos and marks, as seen on previous pages, that are federally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Campanile with SDSU®
  • Charging Rabbit®
  • Charging Rabbit Head only®
  • Charging Rabbit above the word "Jackrabbits"®
  • Charging Rabbit Head above the word "Jackrabbits"
  • (retired) Jacks with head® 
  • (retired) On Call®
  • Running Rabbit® 
  • (retired) Stretch SD®
  • Today's Ag®
  • University Seal®
  • Beef Bowl®
  • Weary Wil head®
  • Dirty Lil head ®
  • Yellow and Blue Make Green®

The following logos are protected by registration through the office of the South Dakota Secretary of State and require a "TM" symbol:

  • Dirty Lil™
  • Garden Line™
  • Hobotech™
  • Midwest Market Analysis™
  • Oak Lake Field Station™
  • Weary Wil™
  • McCrory Gardens™
  • SDSU™