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Placement Exams

During the response to COVID-19, placement in English and READ 041 courses is based on ACT, SAT, or Smarter Balance test scores earned in the past five years.  Entering students who have scores older than five years, or who have not taken the ACT, SAT, or Smarter Balance tests are placed in courses by use of the College Board ACCUPLACER exam.  Currently, the ACCUPLACER is administered in the Testing Center on the SDSU campus, in certified testing centers off campus, and remotely using Zoom or Examity.  A computer with a webcam and stable internet service is required to take this exam remotely.

For information on math placement visit the SDSU Math Department's web page

Challenging Placement

As an entering or transfer student, if you don't like your placement you are allowed to take the ACCUPLACER twice to challenge it.  There is a $20.00 challenge charge that must be paid prior to testing.  

Students who are not enrolled in the appropriate courses based on ACT, SAT, Smarter Balance, Math Index, Challenge Index or ACCUPLACER scores will be notified by e-mail through the Math and English Departments.  Failure to adjust courses or take a placement test prior to the add/drop date for the semester will result in the student being administratively dropped from math and/or English courses.

To schedule a an ACCUPLACER, click the button below.  

Register for Remote ACCUPLACER

About Placement Tests

Placement tests are computer-based adaptive assessment programs using modules that allow students to work at their own speed and comfort level.  A tutorial program acquaints students with navigation and response patterns.  The placement test does not have a time limit, the scores do not affect admission to SDSU, and there is no pass or fail score. 

Accessing My ACCUPLACER Score Report

Most of the time there will be an option to print your Individual Score Report at the end of your testing session; however, if you don't get a copy or you have misplaced your copy you can print out a copy from the ACCUPLACER website

Simply go to this site and under Student Portal click on the Information for Students box.  Choose Your ACCUPLACER Score Report and enter in the required personal data to retrieve a copy of your report.