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Mathematics Placement Policy

The South Dakota Board of Regents has developed a standardized placement process for placement into math courses. 

South Dakota Board of Regents Mathematics Placement Guidelines 7.6.A

Please see the Math Department's website for placement options as you have several for placing into the most advanced level first mathematics or statistics class where you have a good chance of succeeding.

Entering students without a current high school GPA will be placed into math courses based upon their College Board ACCUPLACER score.  According to SDBOAR guidelines, a current high school GPA is less than 5 years old and does not include home school GPAs.  For these students there is no charge to take the ACCUPLACER the first time.

Students may challenge their placement by taking the ACCUPLACER up to two times.  It should be noted that the South Dakota BOR branching packages may be different than other states, so it is in your best interest to wait until you can take the exam at the SDSU Testing Center or use a voucher issued from the SDSU Testing Center to ensure you are taking the appropriate SDBOR branching packages required.  Check out the ACCUPLACER study resources.  

Need MATH 123 - Calculus I?
To place into MATH 123, you must have a Math Index of 1300 or greater and score 19 or higher on the ACCUPLACER SD Calculus Readiness exam. Get more information on MATH 123 placement.

Does your major require MATH 103, MATH 114, MATH 115 or MATH 123?
If you have strong math skills, consider taking a CLEP exam to establish proficiency in any of these courses.  Successful completion of the CLEP College Mathematics qualifies for MATH 103/L credit, College Algebra examination qualifies for MATH 114 credit, the CLEP Pre-Calculus examination qualifies for MATH 115 credit and the CLEP Calculus I examination qualifies for MATH 123 credit.  There is an additional charge of $8.50 to place the credit on the student's transcript, but overall CLEP testing can be a way to save both time and money for students. Make sure to confirm with your advisor that a CLEP exam is appropriate for your major before taking the exam.  Get more information about CLEP.

Register for an ACCUPLACER or CLEP Exam

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