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High School Dual Credit

How can the Testing Center help you reach your goal of taking High School Dual Credit classes?

The SDSU Testing Center administers the placement exams for students wishing to participate in the High School Dual Credit (HSDC) program. There are a couple reasons why you may need to take a placement exam.

  1. Eligibility to Participate in the HSDC program - Some students need to take an additional placement exam to participate in the High School Dual Credit program. The placement exam is called the ACCUPLACER Next Gen. Students who are not eligible based upon their ACT score, class rank or GPA may take math and English placement exams to demonstrate that their high school course work this far has prepared them to have success in college level credit bearing courses. The SDSU Testing Center can help facilitate this process and ensure that you are taking the correct test by either administering the tests to you at the SDSU Testing Center in Brookings, SD or issuing you a voucher to take the exam at a certified testing site. Not all ACCUPLACER exams are the same - so don't just sign up for one at a different testing center without contacting the SDSU Testing Center. You don't want to have to take an additional test!
  2. Placement in Math or English courses - Some students will need to take an ACCUPLACER to place into a specific math or English course even if they are eligible to participate in HSDC based upon their ACT score, class rank or GPA. The South Dakota Board of Regents has instituted a new math placement policy effective Fall 2022.

Where can I take the ACCUPLACER? 

You can take the ACCUPLACER at the Testing Center on the SDSU Brookings Campus or at any Certified ACCUPLACER Testing Center; this option requires you to register for a voucher.  
Register to take the ACCUPLACER 

HSDC students may take the ACCUPLACER once per semester for a $23.50 charge ($20.00 SDSU fee + $3.50 RegisterBlast fee). 

Accessing My ACCUPLACER Score Report

Most of the time there will be an option to print your Individual Score Report at the end of your testing session; however, if you don't get a copy or you have misplaced your copy you can print out a copy from ACCUPLACER

Simply go to this site and under Student Portal click on the Information for Students box. Choose Your ACCUPLACER Score Report and enter in the required personal data to retrieve a copy of your report.