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Telehealth Modules

Telehealth providers of the future.

Gain a detailed and practical understanding of telehealth tools and concepts using an online platform.


The Telehealth Provider Modules are currently unavailable due to updates. Please check back soon to register for this product.

Become a telehealth professional

Providing healthcare to everyone—no matter where they call home.

Start your journey toward understanding telehealth.

Healthcare of the future relies on pros ready to cater to patients no matter their location—from rural areas to urban centers. Whether it’s issues of access, expense or scheduling, telehealth offers the care people need, in a convenient setting.

Why telehealth?

Providers play a key role in delivering care to rural and urban patients who need particular access to healthcare. Students and professionals in healthcare fields can benefit from a deeper understanding of the needs of future telehealth patients.

SDState has developed a series of modules to do just that—offer state-of-the-art education to meet this evolving need. The tools and training provided via our modules develop a student or professional’s onscreen presence, abilities with equipment troubleshooting, knowledge of regulation and licensing—all accessed through online instruction. In fact, access to the modules require simply a $100 payment and a brief time commitment to complete the coursework. And SDState’s curricula is updated regularly to reflect best practices as they evolve over time and can be licensed for conferences, training and other settings.

telehatlh appointment for pediatric patient

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