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Teacher Certification

"The South Dakota Department of Education's Office of Accreditation and Teacher Quality shall implement education policies of Legislature and the State Board of Education, while advocating high standards for teacher preparation, staff certification, and school accreditation that ensure all South Dakota students have access to quality programs and teachers." (

How to Qualify for Teacher Certification

Each applicant for initial certification in South Dakota must have:

  • Earned at least a baccalaureate degree, and
  • Completed an approved program of teacher education, and
  • Passed The Praxis SeriesTM tests for their certification area.

Application Process

To apply for a South Dakota Teaching Certificate, candidates must:

  • Complete the Online Application Form
  • Make all payments, as required through the application process
  • Request an official transcript through the Registrar at South Dakota State University (that includes degree) to be sent to the Department of Education, as required through the application process
  • Assure that the Certifying Office has copies of all Praxis Exam scores

Questions or Concerns

Contact Certifying Officer Lynda Venhuizen at 605-688-4449 in Wenona Hall 203 with questions or concerns. The fax number for Certification is 605-688-5765.