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M. Ed. in Educational Administration

The M.Ed. degree in Educational Administration is designed to meet the needs of individuals who work (or plan to work) in an administrative capacity as building-level education leaders, which may include principals, assistant principals, curriculum directors, and supervisors. The program is designed to meet the requirements for endorsement as a principal in South Dakota and is aligned to the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Building Level Standards as required by law.

As part of a program redesign, several changes will take effect for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students will no longer be required to select a secondary or elementary specialization. The program is designed to provide experience and preparation at both levels to meet South Dakota principal certification requirements. The program will also require students to complete Plan C in the Graduate Catalog, which involves taking a minimum of 35 credit hours in order to graduate. This change will ensure that students meet internship requirements for principal certification, including internship experience at both the elementary and secondary levels. See below for the required coursework and recommended course sequence.

Note: South Dakota principal certification requires students to complete an approved South Dakota Indian studies course as part of an educational administration program. Students who did not complete an approved South Dakota Indian studies course during their undergraduate studies will also need to complete AIS 211 (3 credits) in addition to the required Educational Administration M.Ed. program coursework.

K-12 Educational Administration Course Schedule

Summer 1
EDER 610 Introduction to Research                                         3 credits
EDFN 725 Education in Pluralistic Society                               3 credits

Fall 1
EDFN 600 Advanced Pedagogy                                                 3 credits
EDAD 705 Administration                                                          3 credits

Spring 1
EPSY 740 Advanced Educational Psychology                          3 credits
EDAD 741 Community & Public Relations                                3 credits

Summer 2
EDFN 730 Education Issues                                                      3 credits
EDAD 736 Law & Legislation                                                     3 credits
EDAD 731 School Finance                                                          2 credits

Fall 2
EDAD 706 Supervision                                                               3 credits
EDAD 794 Internship                                                                 1-2 credits

Spring 2
Elective**                                                                                   3 credits
EDAD 794 Internship                                                                 1-2 credits
EDFN 701 Capstone                                                                   1 credit

TOTAL REQUIRED CREDITS                                                         35 credits