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Animal Science Swine

South Dakota State University has a strong swine program, with research in the areas of nutrition and reproduction, swine courses, and extension programming.





SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility

The $7.4 million SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility consists of three buildings including a Sow Teaching and Intensive Research Complex, On-Site Wean-to-Finish Research Barn, and an Off-Site Wean-to-Finish Production Barn.

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Swine Science Undergraduate Certificate

The Swine Science certificate academically trains you to enter the pork industry in such areas as sales and communications, construction, production management, and pharmaceuticals.

Swine Club

The SDSU Swine Club is a student-led organization dedicated to generating interest, building understanding and providing opportunities for growth in the swine industry.

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Animal Science research

Research in the Department of Animal Science is under the auspices of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. Additionally, research funding to support this mission is obtained from grants through federal agencies, commodity organizations, and private industry. Many of our faculty publications have been archived on OpenPRAIRIE.

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