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Solar Arrays

A solar array

Daktronics Engineering Hall

Installed: 2011

23 kW

This solar array is used for research in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Researchers evaluate how to better interface sustainable energy technologies to energy systems in a cost effective, efficient and sustainable way. The Cyberphysical Testbed also has the capability to simulate or emulate complex energy systems and study the impact of sustainable energy technologies.

Solar panel array

Stanley J. Marshall Center

Installed: July 20, 2018

52.2 kW

Energy generated from install to 1/29/2020: 69.72 MWh

CO2 emissions saved from install to 1/29/2020: 107,950.77 lb

Equivalent trees planted from install to 1/29/2020: 2718.89

Winner of the 2019 Brookings Mayor's Sustainability Award Environmental Resilience category 

A solar panel array

American Indian Student Center

Installed: March 2020

7.4 kW

Solar panels donated by the SDSU Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Solar panel array

Facilities and Services

Installed: June 2020
20.25 kW
54 panels
Covers approximately 18% of the buildings total energy usage.