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Social Media

Check out sustainability on social media. Regular posts are made about sustainability efforts on campus as well as tips on how to be more sustainable.





Facilities & Services - Sustainability send out a quarterly newsletter. 

*Note: all faculty and staff automatically receive this newsletter. 

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Sustainability Ambassador Program

This 5-week program takes a deep dive into sustainability concepts enriching participants understanding and empowering them to share and practice what they learn. Each 1-hour session will consist of a presentation with room for engaging activities and meaningful dialogue. 

Sustainability Ambassadors is open to faculty, staff, and students and is offered annually. 

For Students

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club envisions and supports a prosperous, equitable, sustainable and ecologically healthy campus community at South Dakota State University. The Sustainability Club will collect, evaluate and disseminate information and tools to increase the understanding of sustainability and its relevance to the SDSU campus and surrounding community.

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For Faculty & Staff

Campus Planning & Sustainability Committee

Support and give broad guidance for the orderly and sustainable development, design and aesthetic presentation of the campus. The Campus Planning and Sustainability Committee is a joint administration and Faculty Senate Committee.

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