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The BIG Event

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***Due to the weather, The Big Event has been postponed to April 21, 2018.
Registration is still open. 

Visit the FAQ page to find out more information about the event. 
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Student Volunteer Form

For more information contact:

Student Sustainability Council is currently putting together a volunteer event called "The Big Event" for the students of SDSU. The Big Event is a single-day student ran, student funded, and student organized event. On April 14th, students of SDSU will go into the Brookings community for 3 hours and help community members with projects around their home, business, or organization. The purpose of this event is so students can say "Thank you" to the Brookings community for all their support of the University, as well as supporting community members while strengthening the ties between the Brookings and SDSU communities. This event is not need based.   

For the event, we are hoping to provide most of the tools necessary to complete each job. For instance, if something needs painted, we would provide the brushes, rollers, and paint tins but not the paint itself. Another example could be landscaping, we would provide the rakes, shovels, and gloves, but not plants or rock/mulch. So the event would be little to no expense to the site host. By participating in this event, community members help show SDSU students how important volunteering is to a community, and SDSU students are given the opportunity to serve.

Students will arrive at the union in the morning of April 14th to check-in. There they will be told what group they are in (there is an option to sign up as a group or as an individual to be placed in a group), be given a light breakfast, enjoy the welcoming ceremonies (music and speakers), and then be given tools and sent off to work sites. Jobs will take place for about 3 hours. After jobs are complete, students will return to the union for a light lunch and to return tools and take a small survey about the event.

One Big Day. One Big Thanks. One Big Event. Go Jacks!   

The Big Event Day-of-Schedule (subject to change)
8:30-9:00am Arrive at Rotunda D, check-in, get job assignment, and enjoy a light breakfast.
9:00-9:30am Enjoy a short presentation and get pumped to serve! 
9:30am Grab tools (if neccesary) and commute to job sites.
10:00am-1:00pm Work at job sites and get to know Brookings community members.
1:00pm Wood-fired Pizza and tours at Good Roots Farm (Free)