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The BIG Event

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SDSU students are currently putting together a volunteer event called "The Big Event". The Big Event is a single-day student run volunteer event in the Brookings community. On April 13, students of SDSU will go into the Brookings community for 2 hours and help community members with projects around their home, business or organization. The purpose of this event is for students to say "Thank you" to the Brookings community for all their support of the University, while also strengthening the ties between the Brookings and SDSU communities. This event is not need based.   

All Brookings community members are invited to submit a job request. Requests can be made for individual homes, businesses or organizations. Examples of job requests include (but are not limited to) yard work, spring clean-up, cleaning, organizing rooms or garages, helping with big projects, etc. Approval of jobs will occur on a case-by-case basis. Big Event team members will do site checks and work through details in order to plan for The Big Day. Job sites should plan to provide all necessary tools and equipment. All job requests are appreciated. In providing a job site, you are contributing to the mission to strengthen the ties between the SDSU students and Brookings community members.

All SDSU students are encouraged to sign up for The Big Event! Sign-ups can occur as an individual (to be placed in a group with other individuals) or as a group (club, greek organization, sporting team, residence hall, intramural team or group of friends). Students will enjoy an eventful day that combines entertainment and interaction with the ability to give back to the Brookings community that is a generous host to SDSU students.

Schedule of the Day
8–9:15 a.m.   Check-in and student/community social at Woster Celebration Hall (Alumni Center), light breakfast provided
9:15–9:45 a.m.   Welcoming ceremonies
9:45–10 a.m.   Commute to job-site
10 a.m. – noon   Work at job site in/near Brookings
Noon   Ice cream available at Woster Celebration Hall


One Big Day. One Big Thanks. One Big Event. Go Jacks!   

Photos from The Big Event 2018!

Students stand inside a greenhouse.
Students helped around at Good Roots Farm in preparation for the summer!
A group of students surround a newly built raised garden bed.
Students built raised garden beds at Dakota Prairie Elementary School!