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Temporary Devices

No computer? No problem.

Need to quickly check your email or get an assignment printed? You can stop by one of the computer Kiosks in the Student Union next to either Union Coffee or the Bookstore.

Plus, we offer laptop check-out stations for use in the Briggs Library and the Student Union. These laptops, as well as the computers in the Union Kiosks, come with Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10.

Support Desk Loaners

The Support Desk also offers loaner computers. If you are in need of a loaner computer for an extended period of time, or while we repair your computer in our office, you can fill out the Loaner Device Form, and we will email you once it is ready for you to pick up. We ask that you return the loaner device before the end of the school year that you get the device.

Student Loaner Check-Out Form

Faculty & Staff Loaner Check-Out Form