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Students' Association senators, president and vice president elected to serve for 2020-21 academic year

March 25, 2020

Update: A previous version of this release reported the total voter turnout as 470 students. We have received confirmation from our collaborators in university IT/programming that the total voter turnout was 531 students. The previous number of 470 students reflects the total number of votes for the presidential and vice presidential candidates rather than the total number of students who voted in the election. These figures have been updated below.

A group of seventeen new Students’ Association senators and the next student body president and vice president were elected to serve for the next academic year during the SA election on Tuesday, March 24th, and Wednesday, March 25th. 

A total of 531 SDSU students voted in the election—approximately 4.6% of the total student body. With campus closed and all classes moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most election promotion and campaigning took place digitally.

Here’s how this year’s voter turnout stacks up compared to recent years:

  • 2020: 531 students, 4.6%
  • 2019: 1,358 students, 14%
  • 2018: 471 students, <4%
  • 2017: 2,102 students, 17%
  • 2016: 1,813 students
  • 2015: 2,608 students

Candidates in the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences vied in the election’s only contested race. Zebadiah Johnson, Jesus Hernandez, Rachel Schoon, and Sarah Cook were elected as Students’ Association senators for the College of AHSS; Brock Brown, Emily Toms, and Trevor Case were not elected.

At least one senator was elected from each academic college to represent their peers in the Students’ Association Senate. Recent years have seen one or more colleges without any candidates running in the election, but this year every academic college had one or multiple candidates in the running.

Government Affairs Chair Hattie Seten and Senator Reis Bruley were elected Students’ Association President and Vice President, respectively. The pair ran uncontested—the second uncontested presidential race in three years.

There are nine senator-at-large seats available for positions not filled in the election. Applications will open on Friday, March 27th, at 8:00am. More information about the senator-at-large application process will be published on the SA website and announced in the Rabbit Report and on SA social media channels.

All new senators will be sworn in during the Students’ Association Senate meeting on Monday, April 13th at 7:00pm.

See below for the complete breakdown of votes. Learn about the candidates’ platforms and goals here.

President & Vice President

Hattie Seten & Reis Bruley

Total votes: 470

  • College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: 156
  • College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: 103
  • College of Education & Human Sciences: 54
  • Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering: 39
  • College of Natural Sciences: 36
  • College of Nursing: 26
  • College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions: 35
  • Graduate School: 21

College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences

Seats available: 4

  • Cara Teigum: 140
  • Anthony Shimon: 122
  • Wendy Blickensderfer: 95
  • Lindsay Muller: 93

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Seats available: 4

  • Zebadiah Johnson: 62
  • Jesus Hernandez: 62
  • Rachel Schoon: 60
  • Sarah Cook: 56
  • *Brock Brown: 55
  • *Emily Toms: 49
  • *Trevor Case: 36

College of Education & Human Sciences

Seats available: 3

  • Lorena Diaz-Martinez: 59

Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

Seats available: 3

  • Kelby Escobin: 38

College of Natural Sciences

Seats available: 3

  • Briar Peterson: 35

College of Nursing

Seats available: 3

  • Danielle Arpan: 27

College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions

Seats available: 3

  • Timothy Travis: 32
  • Trent LaCanne: 31
  • Chase Metzger: 31

Graduate School

Seats available: 3

  • Ravi Panchagnula: 24
  • Nick Shirley: 20

*Indicates candidate was not elected based on the number of seats available in a particular college.

The Students’ Association is comprised of all General Activity Fee-paying students at SDSU. The Students’ Association Senate is the official student government organization at SDSU, consisting of 26 senators representing each of the academic colleges and the student body president and vice president. The Students’ Association Senate meets weekly during the academic year on Mondays at 7:00PM in the Lewis & Clark Room of the Student Union. Further information is available at Questions or media inquiries should be directed to

South Dakota State University Students’ Association
University Student Union 128, Box 2815
Brookings, SD 57007
Phone: 605-688-5181