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Students' Association Senators-At-Large

"Senator-At-Large Trevor Case"
Trevor Case, Students' Association Senator-At-Large

Trevor Case

Major: Business Economics

Campus Involvement: Finance, Investment & Real Estate (FIRE) Club, Jacks for Life, Intermural Sports, Student Tailgating Club, Students' Association Board of Directors 

Committees: . Finance Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Transportation Committee

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Ty Dunse


Campus Involvement: 

Committees: Campus Planning & Sustainability Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Intercollegiate Athletic Board, Senate Communications Committee

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Harley Fischer

Major: Human Biology Pre-Medicine

Campus Involvement:  American Indian Sciences and Engineering Society, American Medical Association, Student's Association, and track and field/xc. 

Committees: Student Success Committee, Student Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Safety & Security Committee, Parking & Traffic Committee


Rachel Goldsmith 

Major: History 

Campus Involvement: Theatre, History Club

Committees: Academic Appeals Committee, Finance Committee, Senate Communications Committee

Mosharraf Hossain

Major: Mathematics and Economics

Campus Involvement: 

Committees: International Committee, Student Success Committee, Student Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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Caleb Huizenga

Major: Civil Engineering

Campus Involvement: Jackrabbit Swimming & Diving Team

Committees: Government Affairs Committee, Intercollegiate Athletic Board, University Activity Fee and Budgeting Committee (UAFBC), Student Communications Committee

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Hannah Nelson 

Major:  Political Science, Spanish and Global Studies

Campus Involvement: Cross Country,Track and Field, Honors College, Pre-Law Society Secretary, Honors College Dean's Student Advisory Council, Political Science Club, LEADState


Committees: Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Student Promotion Committee, University Activity Fee and Budgeting Committee (UAFBC)

Blake Pulse

Major: Agriculture Communications 

Campus Involvement: Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow and a Community Assistant 

Committees: Government Affairs Committee, University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC). Finance Committee, Student Union Advisory Committee (SUAC)

Garrett Satterly

Major: Journalism and Communication Studies

Campus Involvement: Young Hall Community Assistant, Honors College, Pride of the Dakotas, Statesmen Choir, SDSU Pep-Band

Committees: Senate Communications Committee, Student Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Safety & Security Committee, Integrated Marketing & Communications Committee

Anna Shane

Major: Political Science, Spanish, & Global Studies

Campus Involvement: College Republicans, Political Science Club- Communications Chair, Pre-Law Society, Honors College Student Organization, Honors Dean's Student Advisory Council, LeadState, Spanish Club

Committees: Government Affairs Committee, Library Committee, University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC)

Emily Toms

Major: Political Science

Campus Involvement: Honors Hall Community Assistant, Honors College Student Organization, Political Science Club, Pre-Law Society

Committees: Finance Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Organizational Subcommittee, Student Promotion Committee

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Andrew Rasmussen

Major: Political Science & Journalism

Campus Involvement: 

Committees: Government Affairs Committee, Parking & Traffic Committee, Transportation Committee, Senate Communications Committee

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Shelby Ruland

Major: Leadership and Political Science 

Campus Involvement: Sigma Alpha Sorority, Little International Staff, Collegiate Farm Bureau, LeadState Program, Honors Program 

Committees: Government Affairs Committee, Student Success Committee, Finance Committee, Academic Affairs Committee