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Senator Resources

Welcome, Senator!

This page is intended for use by current Students' Association senators to provide relevant information, documents, FAQs, and other resources.

What are my responsibilities as a senator?

According to the Students' Association Bylaws, the following duties are required of all senators:

  • Act as a representative of your college. You were elected by students from a particular college (or appointed as a Senator-At-Large), so you should act as a representative of that college (Senators-At-Large act as representatives for the student body at large). This may include meeting regularly with constituents, meeting with your college caucus (the other senators from your college), keeping in contact with the dean from your college, visiting student organizations within your college, etc.
  • Serve on a minimum of three committees. These committees include a number of university shared governance committees as well as a few Senate standing committees. Committees are where a lot of your work as a senator gets done, since committees are groups of students, faculty, staff, and/or administrators specifically focused on solving problems around a particular topic. Questions about committees should be directed to the SA Vice President.
  • Maintain a minimum of two office hours per week in the SA office. Office hours help you get to know other senators, interact with constituents, and collaborate with other senators on projects. When possible, office hours should be held on weekdays during normal business hours. A committee meeting can count for one of your office hours.
  • Attend all Senate meetings, committee meetings, and special functions or trainings. Attendance is required at all official Senate meetings, committee meetings, and other special functions including the Senate retreat. A limited number of absences is allowed, but too many absences may be grounds for removal from the Senate. If you are going to be absent, you must proxy your vote to another senator. Proxy forms are available in the SA office.
  • Assist with the Students' Association election. The Students' Association election, held each spring, typically around mid-March, is one of our biggest events of the year. Achieving a strong voter turnout and engaging students in the election is critical to the future of the organization. Helping with the election, including staffing polling locations, is expected unless there is a strong conflict of interest.
  • Fulfill duties designated by the Senate. This could include serving on a special (ad hoc) committee, chairing a committee, managing a Senate project, or other duties as assigned.
  • Attend at least one Board of Regents (BOR) meeting or Students for Higher Education Days (SHED). Board of Regents meetings and SHED are important opportunities for us to lobby for the interests of SDSU students, network with other student senators from across the state, and learn about issues facing public education in South Dakota. All senators must attend at least one of these meetings, which typically occur in October, December, February (SHED), and March. Attendance at SHED is especially encouraged, since this is a two-day event just for student governments in South Dakota to work together on important legislative issues.

The Students' Association Board of Directors can grant allowances to these duties in extenuating circumstances.

Senators are also required to adhere to the Code of Ethics, which specifies values and behaviors that all senators should uphold.

How do I write a resolution?

Resolutions are the most common type of legislation we use to take action, but writing a great resolution takes practice and hard work. The Resolution Writing Guidelines are a useful resource for writing resolutions.

View the Resolution Writing Guidelines